Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Watch Out!

Hi there

"Could you tell me the time, please?"

I sigh.  Here I go again.  I flick my wrist over, glance at my watch. "It's ten past eleven," I say.

"Thanks."  And the young guy is off, skate-boarding down Cuba Mall.

Now, I know this guy has a phone because I've seen him using it earlier when he was laughing with his mates, and texting happily away at the same time.  He could have pulled the thing out of his back pocket and looked at the time for himself..

And only this morning, i was watching a gadget guy on television telling me that my conventional  wrist watch was as dead as the dodo.  So, if this is the case why has my watch miraculously turned into a  flashing beacon enticing asking-the-time people to me like moths around a flame?  Surely it doesn't take that long to pull a mobile phone out of a back pocket, or a handbag, to check the time for one's self?

I can perhaps understand this situation when I'm at the beach because not many folk have watches they can wear in the water, like i have.  Mobile phones are not that swimproof.

I never thought it was that difficult to look at the time on a mobile phone.  I must be wrong.

My swimming watch.  It's a Maxum brand.

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