Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Delaying things

Hi.  I'd like to write about putting off things.  Or is that off-putting?  Anyway, I've finally learnt that it's not too good to delay doing something.

It's when I'm snuffling with a winter virus ('virus' sounds so much more dramatic than the common 'cold') that I realise I've left paying my credit card bill until the very last day and there's no way I can get to the bank because I'm dying.

And last December, I said to a friend, "I'll put off seeing "Star Wars" until after the school holidays".

Well, now, it's after the school holidays and I still can't get to see "Star Wars" because there's no way, with my bad knee, that I could sit in a picture theatre for three hours.  I seem to have also lost out on seeing the movie in 3D where a theatre needs a full house to justify the use of superior equipment.

What a disappointment.

Oh, well ...

I've always been more of a "Star Trek" fan, anyway!

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