Saturday, February 6, 2016

Mount Maunganui

Hi there

I have just returned from a week's holiday in Mt Maunganui.  Oh, I am such a holiday-goer in the summer season! 

My knee was much better.  Until the last day I still had to use my hiking stick as an aid, but I did manage to swim every day, whoopty-do!!  I had to use the stick to get down to the water and the doctor had told me I could only swim on my back and kick but, hey, that was okay by me.

My friend went on all the adventures I wanted to go on:  kayaking, island adventuring, adventure park-ing.  I was so jealous.

Drivng home was hard on my knee. I had to get out of the car every hour and have a little walk.  I left the Mount at 7 am and reached home at 5.30 pm.  Driving to Mt Maunganui, I stopped off for a night in the Taihape Motel.  It's one of my fave places to stay.  It's so 1960's, and the owner always gives out packets of chippies and a bottle of beer or soft drink on arrival.  And there's cornflakes and jam and toast free for breakfast, and the price is just $70 pn.  Taihape is the so-called gumboot capital of the world.  It's a real country town with a notice outside the local Chinese takeaway to please remove your dirty boots before entering.

Here's Mt Maunganui

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