Friday, February 26, 2016

Z petrol station, Miramar

Hi there

Well, I think that my bad knee is gradually improving.  I'm walking 95% better, and  it only hurts when I turn quickly.  However, what is completely annoying me is that I can't squat down on my haunches to look under things such as  cabinets, and beds, and sofas.  I'm hopeless trying to vacuum, and if I lie on the deck at Hataitai Beach after a swim  I can't get up again without the aid of my walking stick(no!-no!-no!-hiking stick, hiking stick!).

 But yesterday it was time to pump up my car tyres, a chore that definitely requires getting lowdown and dirty-

"I can't do it," I groaned to my swimming friend J,  just prior to maybe visiting the petrol station. "My knee will explode.  They'll rush me to hospital,  I'll end up an invalid  like Katy in that book "What Katy Did".  Katy grew ever so noble and generous having to stay in bed all those years but I won't be noble and generous, I'll turn into a grumpy old person and-"

"Ask the guy at the petrol station to help you," said my friend breaking in on my hysterical ramblings.

Never.   I was an independent woman.

Well, I got to the petrol station and parked alongside the air pump.  I tottered  out of my car and turned back again to reach inside for my hiking stick.  Every time I got down on my hands and knees to pump up a tyre, I would have to use the stick to get up again-

"Is there anything I can do?"


The forecourt attendant had come over to see me. 

What?  He had ESP?

And this lovely guy pumped up my four tyres.  Heaven!!!

Thank you petrol station "Z" in Miramar.  Love you....... 

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