Friday, July 22, 2016

Those Toilet Signs

Hi there

A friend of mine was standing outside the entrance to a public toilet and having an intent discussion with her small son.

"That door leads to the ladies' toilets," she explained.  See - there's a picture of  lady in a skirt.  I go in there-

"No!"  The child was distressed.  He pointed to the second sign of a stick gentleman.  "You go in that door." 

"Why?"  Mum was puzzled.

My friend wasn't wearing a skirt.  She was in trousers.  Her toddler, it appeared, wanted her to go through the door marked by the stick figure in trousers.

Oh dear. Is this a conversation all mums go through? 

Apparently there wasn't a woman within coo-eee of my friend who was wearing a skirt. So, should toilet signs all around the world be changed?   And, if so,  to what...?

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