Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Wellington Airport

Hi there

whilst I was holidaying in Nelson a few weeks ago, tidings of great joy were delivered to the letterboxes on the opposite side of my narrow street.

Wellington Airport will soon be extending its runway and because of anticipated noise the kind and generous folk associated with this operation wanted to lavish my neighbours with untold treasure.  In the form of complete house insulation.  For free.

What a magnificent gesture!  But I guess not for the residents on my side of the street.  With just a few metres separating us, there were, apparently, shouts from my lot  of "Why not us?" and "Not fair!"  Some kind of civil war, neighbour against neighbour, was imminent.

And,  truly, we're not really that close to Wellington Airport.

Turns out it was all a mistake.  Letters were sent to the wrong street!  Oh, the workings of large organisational bodies  -   gotta hate  'em

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