Saturday, June 24, 2017

Mid-winter swim, 2017, Hataitai Beach

Hi there

Brrrrrhhhhhh!  June 21 was a fine day, but extremely cold.  We weren't going to hang around in wet bathing suits posing for photos, even if it was for J's personal paparazzo. So, we compromised.  Our little group posed after the swim, all wrapped up in our winter woollies, and proudly holding polar bear certificates to show we truly had done the plunge (actually it was my 10th swim for the month, and my friend J had beaten me by one swim).

We have learnt to dress very quickly and get to indoor heat as fast as possible after a winter swim.  Otherwise, for hours, we end up with chattering teeth, extreme shivering, blue skin, and frozen fingers and toes.  An important thing to remember is never-never shop in the frozen food aisle at Countdown directly after a winter swim!

(It's been said we look like a group of carol singers in the photo.  We are so open for paid offers come December.)


  1. We have tried to swim every day since my 71st birthday in Mid Feb. and we have only missed a few days since then. Charles is 76 and he is thin so he wears a wet suit but I don't need one! We swim from Freyberg beach or if the wind is in the wrong direction we go to Scorching Bay.
    We absolutely love it and always wonder why no one else is swimming, especially on those wonderful sunny days. We usually have the harbour all to ourselves.
    You are right about shopping. I went to Moore Wilson's last week and it was a very quick visit!

  2. Well done Liz and Charles.
    Good to know there are others who know how great it is to swim year round.

  3. Hi Liz, Charles. Kudos and congrats. We winter swimmers have to stick together...