Thursday, June 29, 2017

Americas Cup - we got it!

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There are millions of people on this earth who have never heard of the Americas Cup, including millions in America who don't even think about yachts.  The Americas Cup Is officially the oldest sporting trophy in the world and I was the only person to voice this answer at a table quiz a few weeks back!  Kudos to me.

After four years of preparation and weeks of gruelling competition in Bermuda, Emirates Team New Zealand won!  I reckon every solitary person in New Zealand, the whole four and a half million of us, watched or listened to the unfolding drama of that final race against Oracle.  Oracle had its millionaire backer, we had dozens and dozens of sponsors and donators.

After the debacle (for us) of the Americas Cup competition four years ago, the country is now deliriously happy.  There is to be a ticker tape parade in Auckland next week.

Goodbye Bermuda, hello New Zealand

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