Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Those Bus Phone Calls

Hi there

And what about those people on the bus who make phone calls?  Loud phone calls.  Somehow these folk think that their calls are extremely  interesting to everyone else sitting captive in that same bus.

Last week, along with twenty or so passengers, i was forced by sheer proximity to listen in on a young lady talking to some guy -

"How about Saturday?" she was saying.  "We could go out Saturday...  Or Friday?  ...  Tomorrow?"

The conversation progressed, with the young lady pushing to set up a date.  It was so obvious to all of us in the bus that the lad wanted nothing to do with her.  How come she didn't see that?

On another day,  i was sitting in the bus opposite a teen of about seventeen as, via the phone, she told her mother how sick with the flu she felt.  Her boss was sending her home where Mum was now obviously waiting with a hot water bottle and a jar of Vicks Vapour Rub.  For 35 minutes everyone in the bus had to hear about this teen's symptoms in excruciating detail, the words sprinkled in and out of sneezes and hacking coughs.

I came down with a terrible head cold a couple of days' later.  I'm not pointing fingers ..

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