Wednesday, July 12, 2017

more winter swimmers?

Hi there

Wow, there are more winter swimmers?  And winter swimmers who are swimming just a few bays away from Hataitai Beach?  It sure is great to know there are others like J, The Young One, and myself . I expect there are pockets of older swimmers all around the coves and inlets of Wellington?

Hey Liz and Charles, do most people shake their heads in wonder and call you 'mad', like they do us ?  A few (very few) people have called us 'brave' which we rather bask in the glow of.  I very much like the word 'heroic' but sadly that hasn't been used yet, though I'm still hoping.

Thanks for your comments on our 21 June swim.  If we'd known you were around, we would have extended our shortest day Hataitai Beach invitation.  We should have pinned our shortest day flyers on other bathing shed walls, rather than just at Hataitai Beach (it was pretty difficult finding a way to get the flyer onto the wall in the men's changing shed - don't ask!).

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