Friday, July 21, 2017

song lyrics- good? bad?

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I was at the gym a while back.  Vintage music was playing over the speakers.  I guess a nineteen-fifties thump-thump-thump rock'n'roll beat was considered highly motivational for all the fast moving that's required in circuit training..

The song was  "You've Got What it Takes".  The singer raucously vocalises about the faults in his girl-friend.  Apparently, she doesn't dress in the best of taste.  Oh, and nature didn't give her such a beautiful face -

"...but baby, you've got what it takes.."    Huh-?  What-?

How disparaging...

I loved the song when I was young, sang it with gusto, danced with my poodle skirt flaring around me (okay, it wasn't quite a poodle skirt - it had the name "Elvis" lovingly embroidered all over it by my own not-so fair hand and chain-stitched hearts and musical notes were interspersed amongst my declarations of love for The King).

Nowadays, I'm stunned by the writer's lyrics..  Sexist much?


Below are some photos I took a couple of weeks ago when there was a parade in Wellington for the arrival of the America's Cup.   Forty-five thousand people lined the streets to welcome the sailing team.    Yay, Hoo-ray!  We won the cup!  Thank you, Peter Burling, Grant Dalton, and the whole team.

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