Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Can a rest home room be made to look nice...?

Hi there

A friend recently took up residence in a life-care facility (do we still call them 'rest homes?).  She was told that she could fill the room with her personal stuff.  I peeked in to many of the other rooms and saw the usual wardrobe, cabinet, bedside table, bed, and that was about it.

But... my friend has outfitted her room magnificently.  Here's a pic of just one side of the small room (it's barely cell-size)

I'll try to remember to take a photo of the other side of the room for you some time.

Oh, and I'm going to Las Vegas again this year.  In August.  My Auckland friend has agreed to come down and house-sit for me again, but only after I had to promise-promise-promise that there would be no more earth-quakes.  My five readers may remember last year when she came down, Wellington wsas in a real earthquake flurry.  

Of course, I blithely promised there would be no earthquakes, but just last weekend - whoops - we had a tremor.  Oh dear.

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