Friday, June 27, 2014

Eight Swims for June 2014 - mid-winter in NZ

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Well, we have mananged eight (count 'em, eight!) swims for June.  There was a whole flurry of them around the shortest day (21 June).  J and I are kind of proud that the swimming total has been so good for what is officially mid-winter, even though we both know in our hearts and in our freezing limbs that July and August  are truly the coldest months for swimming.

I see that one of my five readers (hey, from England, woo-hoo!) has said that there was a record broken somewhere in New Zealand for the most people skinny dipping in winter.  Nope, it wasn't J and me.  Skinny-dipping?  I would have to be forty years' younger and many stone lighter to even contemplate that.

It's been a year since the terrible storm that caused havoc around Wellington.  The Hataitai Beach wooden steps leading down to the water from the deck  were completely shatterered (see last year's pic), the Breaker Bay mid-winter swim was cancelled, house roofs were blown off and falling trees blocked roads. 

A few days after the storm I wandered over the hill from Miramar to Scorching Bay.  It broke my heart to see all the silt, pebbles, and debris washed up onto the Scorching Bay beach.  Here's a pic I took at the time;  I never figured the sands would get back to looking pristine ever again.  But the beach is looking real nice again nowadays.

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