Tuesday, June 17, 2014

car parking ... mid winter swim 2014 Wellington

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Okay, here's one of my favourite hates, and my five readers know all about it, from an earlier blog.  

It really drives me mad when a car vroooooms in beside my car in a supermarket carpark - and it's usually a male driver , sorry guys.  The driver leaps out in a skidding hurry, as if he's on the way to conduct a life-saving heart transplant instead of after a bottle of blue-top milk at Countdown.

Doesn't this guy realise that it doesn't make him look cool.  Quite the opposite.  He looks like some sort of dork driver, a beginner who doesn't know how to park.

Here's the car beside me at the Countdown carpark, Kilbirnie, this afternoon (Wednesday 18thJune  NZ time).  I could hardly open the door to get into my car.  It doesn't look it in the picture, but the offending car is parked very skew-whiff.  The front is more or less where it should be but the back is way over the white line and close to my car.


J and I have now completed three swims for this month at Hataitai Beach,  chasing our minimum of 4 per month.  It was quite nice yesterday.  I had a couple of weeks break this month because when I got home from one swim I shivered all afternoon, all night , and came down the next day with a terrible cold.  I wonder if the cold was coming anyway, or can a person catch a cold from being cold?

Oh, there is a mid-winter swim at Breaker Bay at 3 pm on Saturday 21 June.  Followed by a chance to change out of wet togs and, I think there's hot goodies, at the Breaker Bay Hall which is across the road from the beach.  I won't be going because I have something else going on this Saturday.

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