Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hataitai Beach

Hi there-

..."it isn't."

"It is."



Honestly, my swimming friend, J, and I were bickering like a couple of five year olds.  We were standing on the footpath in front of Hataitai Beach, and contemplating the sea.

One of my favourite readers had left a comment about a photo I had recently taken of the beach.  She mentioned that the water was a lovely blue.

J disputed this.  She gazed across to the sea.  "It's not blue. It's never blue."

"Come on, it is."


"What colour is it, then?" I demanded.

"It's .... green/grey."

"It's blue.  Soft blue."


"Tisn't."  I was barely an inch away from a tantrum.

It seemed, so was J. "Tis...," she said determinedly.

And we were off again.  Goodness ... friends have split up over lesser subjects.


Here's a picture I took today, after our 6th swim for the month.

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