Monday, October 6, 2014

Scott Bakula and Kate Mulgrew

Hi there

You know that I like Las Vegas, right?   I love television and movies, too.   Las Vegas and show biz go  together.  Celebrities gravitate to LV.  I mean, Celine Dion ... Rod Stewart ... Jerry Seinfeld ... Olivia Newton-John.... Penn & Teller ... One Direction ... Faith Hill .... Tim McGraw ...Grumpy Cat ...

I missed out on Grumpy Cat last August but, my goodness, I caught up with a few others who were appearing there on publicity jaunts.

Here's a happy me between Kate Mulgrew (she plays 'Red' in the series "Orange is the New Black"), and Scott Bakula who is the star of the new "NCIS: New Orleans", which is starting up on our Prime channel tv screens this coming Friday.  They were both lovely people, and so natural.

Kate said to me that she wished someone would invite her to New Zealand.  Any offers?

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