Saturday, October 11, 2014


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Yesterday, I went to the latest talk at Te Papa Tongarewa (the Museum of New Zealand/) by Weta personnel.  I learnt a great deal about digital work.  Again, I was surprised how often digital doubles are used in The Hobbit movies, especially for close-ish shots.

 Luke, who appeared in lots of the movies in all different guises was made-up and dressed as an Orc whilst a video presentation on make-up was shown, and a talk given.  The audence had been told last week not to take photos, so this week I left my camera and my phone at home.  Naturally, this time we were told we could take photos!  I did think of photo-bombing all the photos being taken and then asking for copies to be sent me but I thought this would be taking my sitcom queen reputation a little too far. 

Today (Sunday, NZ time) my swimming friend J and I trotted down to Hataitai Beach and had a positively wonderful swim.  The water was calm and clear, the sky was blue, the weather warm, and we got carried away discussing world affairs.

 I explained that years and years ago, I went to a hand-writing expert.

I said to J:  "The woman asked me 'How do you doodle-?"

J broke in on my tale, sporting a big grin.    "I'm fine, thank you.   How do you do-odle?"

Don't give up your day job, J.....   Oh, wait, you're retired.  Maybe they will accept you for a stint at the Comedy Club after all.

Here's a pic of Hataitai Beach taken today.

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  1. That lovely blue water looks inviting.