Tuesday, October 28, 2014

heaps of clothes

Hi there

The other day I was standing in the midst of a heap of clothes that almost reached as high as my knees.  What should I throw out and what should I keep?  Prime Ministers and Presidents have surely not had deeper problems to deal with.

Every now and then I feel guilty about the amount of clothes I keep that I don't often put on.  But, come on ... that luminous multi-coloured speckled glitter top?  I might wear it one day because my life is such a giddy round of disco evenings, yes?

The worst thing is that 90% of my clothes are beach-casual.  I have, maybe, three things that are suitable to wear when I go to town or have afternoon tea with my posh friends (my non-posh friends and I share tomato sandwiches at the beach, and we're in our bathing suits.  A sarong is about as classy as we get).

I love to haunt the charity shops.  I am always bringing home A Find.  The trouble is A Find that looks glorious in the mirror of the fitting room does rather tend to show off my big bottom or my sticking out tummy in my own mirror at home.  So most times, A Find goes straight-away into a charity bag.   Ah, the circle of  lifestyle.

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