Thursday, November 13, 2014

How to tell that you're old!

Hi there

Yesterday, I was in a tizz, rushing to make my dinner and then go out.  I put the lettuce bowl in the hot oven and reached out to put my peeled potatoes into the fridge.


I rushed to the oven....  "No-no-no!!!" 

The lettuce in its plastic bowl had only been in the oven about 5 seconds, but I was horrified.

Why is it that if someone in oh, let's say their twenties,  put a lettuce into the oven by mistake, everyone would think it hilarious, but if I do it as a senior citizen, I could be rushed into a rest home?

We have to be very careful over momentary lapses.  A friend worked at the hospital.  She told me a memory mistake reported to a doctor could well see us oldies taken into care.

Oh dear, I hope my doctor is not reading this blog.  Doc, I'm sure that my lettuce mishap was truly a oncer (fingers crossed).

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