Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Chocolate Fish Cafe, Wellington, New Zealand

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Today, about a dozen of us girls (girls?  Who am I kidding?) from the gym went to The Chocolate Fish cafe at Shelly Bay (on the Miramar Peninsula) for an end-of-year lunch.  The food was lovely, yum.   I nearly died though ecstasy when I saw this glorious cake covered in what looked like snow peaks, and chocolate shards, and cherries, but I managed - only just - to restrain myself and not have any.

Shelly Bay is where the old Air Force Base used to be several years' back.  It is now a sort of artsts' colony.  Lovely sea, harbour and hill views.  When people say they're "going for a drive around the bays", the peninsular is rated a 'must-see'..

There's all sorts of debate going on as to what should happen to the land.  Peter Jackson tried to buy it for a movie museum but that publicly fell through when suddenly the price sky-rocketed. Still, there could well be negotiations with Jackson still going on in the backgrounnd..

A campervan/caravan park has been suggested.  Also the Maori tribe who originally came from the area may be interested in some sort of project there.

The cafe was crowded today.  Cars were jammed in everywhere.  The notice, in the below photo, asks motorists not to park on the grass. 

Click for a clearer photo..

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