Thursday, November 6, 2014

Smaug at Wellington Airport

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Yesterday Richard Taylor from Weta Workshop unveiled - at Wellington Airport -  the giant sculpture of Smaug, the bad dragon from The Hobbit movies.  I trotted down to the airport this morning to have a nosy.  Unfortunately, I happened to get there at exactly the same time as the 200 winners from around the world who had won a trip to New Zealand travelling around Hobbit and LOTR locations.  They spent yesterday in Wellngton, including seeing the upcoming Hobbit 3 movie:  Rise of the Five Armies.  In advance of the preview next month.  Wow.... Jealous, anyone?

Anyway, these fans were congregated around Smaug at the airport so I couldn't really devote the time needed to take a good photo.  The organisers were being interviewed by tv and I heard them say that they were bound by contract not to reveal anything about the upcoming movie.

There was also a bunch of school children present.  They were totally overawed.  The dragon slowly opened and closed its evil eye.  Any faster, and it would have been a wink.  My beating heart would surely have told me if Benedict Cumberbatch was hiding inside Smaug..

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