Monday, November 17, 2014

Cleaning the house

Hi there

Last Saturday, I had a group of visitors come to my house.  For five and a half days prior, I was cleaning, dusting, washing, and tidying.  I answered the phone to a friend and she wondered why I was so long picking up.  "I had my head in the toilet," I said.  "I really must get a longer toilet brush." And no, I wasn't cleaning the toilet with my silken tresses..

An hour or so before The Group arrived, I spoke to my swimming friend, J.  "That's it!  I'm done!  I am totally exhausted through all this cleaning".  I explained to her that the one place that neither my short arms nor the vacuum cleaner could easily reach was the small square of carpet under the television.

"I stretched as far as I could beneath the coffee table," I said.  "But come on, who's going to look under there?   It's all cords and connectors, and whatnot."  I figured this dusty area was safe from prying eyes. 

The Group arrived on time.  John brought along a laptop.  He crawled under the tv to plug in the cord of his laptop.

Aw, no ... 

Is "dust bunnies!" a swear word?   It definitely should be.


PS:    My friend, J, says I should have handed John a duster whilst he was under the tv.

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