Saturday, December 27, 2014

And what's the question that gets your goat?

Hi there

I went down to Ticketek to book for a show -

"Singin' in the Rain", I announced happily to the sales attendant.  I had been waiting a long time for this musical to hit Wellington.  "Any session where I can get the closest to the stage please."   But obviously not in the front three rows;  I didn't want to get soaked during the rain scene.

The attendant started off on an obviously well-rehearsed talk about prices and seat situations; she tapped a chart to show me different areas, talking all the time-

"Oh - "  I had a sudden thought.  "Are there senior citizen prices?"

"If you would just let me finish-?"

Ah, and there it was.  The Question.

Or perhaps it's The Statement;  I'm never too sure.

There are variations, of course:  "Please let me finish?" ...  "If you'll let me finish?" ... "Please allow me to finish?"..

I hate every version.    The speaker is chastising me, and I detest that person instantly.  Sure, I've forgotten to hate the person five minutes later, but at the time I want to eviscerate him/her.

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