Tuesday, December 9, 2014

cafe sitting

"Here's your flag," said the lady in the coffee shop.  She handed over a stick with a number on it's flag.  "I'm afraid there will be a bit of a wait."

"Do you have wifi?"" I asked.  I was dying to try out my Kindle at a distance from home.

"No, sorry."

  "Well, " I ruminated, "I'll just sit down ... and stare into space."

This is the trouble when you dine alone.  If you take a book, everyone thinks you're embarrassed to be seen by yourself and are hiding behind the pages of a bodice ripper, getting your excitement there.  If you're on a tablet, you look a nerd, and on your phone, you come across as a poser.

Maybe I could take some knitting along with me next time?  Of course, I'll have to first learn how to knit. Needlepoint sounds more refined than knitting and if only I knew what needlepoint was, then I'd take it up tomorrow (surely, it can't just mean pointing a needle - if it is, I won't even need lessons; I can do that with my eyes shut.  Perhaps).

No, sigh.  I think I will just have to continue to stare into space when I take a solo trip to a cafe and have to go through that looooong wait for my food.  Either that, or go to McDonald's.

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