Monday, December 22, 2014

longest day swim

Hi there

About seven pm tonight my friend J and I suddenly realised it was the longest day today.  We had swam on the shortest day in June so it seemed fitting that we should swim, too, on the longest day.

So we shot off to Hataitai Beach.  We've never been swimming in the evening before, and we loved it.  There was no wind, flat sea, warm weather.

J' s Loved One thought we were 'totally mad' to be swimming so late in the day, but we revelled in it.  There were two other swimmers there.

There was also a nubile young women using the shower.  She was from a camper van.  I made sure that I undressed way over the other side of the shed from her.  There was no way I wanted to be compared to this blonde Swedish goddess.  Darn it, my fat thighs always immediately rule me out of serious competition.

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