Thursday, November 26, 2015

One's Street Address

A friend and I were out for a walk.  We ventured into Countess Close.  Posh houses with columns loomed over us.  Tara, take a back seat(almost).

"In terms of poshness," I wondered, "is a Close higher than, oh, a Crescent?  Or a Place?"

My friend pondered.  She thought an Avenue would be rather high up the posh list of where to live.

I remembered that Margot in "The Good Life" had always gone on, and on, about the grandeur of living on an Avenue.  Yes, I admitted that Avenue was well up there.

Street and Road were way down, we decided.    Lane, however, had a nice country-cottage ring to it.

Neither of us wanted to live in an Alley.  An Alley was akin to, perhaps, living under a bridge.

Who knew we could be such snobs?  It's just not fair that we both have such ordinary-sounding addresses.  We're thinking of moving ...

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