Friday, November 6, 2015

the end of the rainbow

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When I was a kid I used to be intrigued by stories of leprechaun gold at the end of a rainbow.  I wanted desperately to find that gold.  The leprechaun would have to grant me a wish, and I spent ages agonising over which wish I would make.  In the end, I hit on that childish one of  "I wish all the wishes I wish would come true."   Such a wish, plus a swag of gold, as well as meeting a real honest-to-goodness leprechaun?  Goodness, was it any wonder that every time I saw a rainbow, I wanted to rush madly to the end of it and dig frantically?.

Several times I did try to reach a rainbow's end, but the funny thing about rainbows is that they get further and further away the more you rush towards them.

But not so a few months ago.   I was driving on The Desert Road.  I crested a hill, and there it was .... the end of the rainbow!

I drove along beside it for a time.  Would I get out, run joyfully to it - darn, I wished I'd packed a spade in my car boot for just such an occasion! - and scrabble around in the hard dirt searching for a pot of gold?  Was the leprechaun near?  Would he grant me my wish for finding that gold.....?

Sadly, I'm not young anymore.  Childhood imaginings nowadays take second place to reality.  I drove on past that rainbow ...

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