Saturday, November 21, 2015

Swimming without pants!

Hi there

Bet I got you wondering over the title of this blog?

Last week, I was in a mad panic leaving home for a swim and I hurriedly threw the two parts of my bathing suit into my bag and rushed out of the house.

In the changing shed at the beach, I rummaged amongst my things.  Yes, here was my swimming top.  And here were my shorts -

"Oh, noooo..."

"What?"  My friend, J, probably thought i was having a heart attack.

"I've forgotten my shorts."  In my hand was a black swimming t-shirt.  In my hurry to leave the house I had mistaken the shirt for my shorts.  I usually keep a spare swimming bag in the car but this day i had been to the garage for a WOF and had cleared everything out of the boot.

What to do?

Easy-peasy decision.  The sitcom queen can certainly think on her feet.  I stepped into the t-shirt, putting my legs through the armholes and tidily tucking in the surplus.  Luckily my proper swimming top came down to my hips covering most of the upside down t-shirt.

I sashayed out to the deck, the queen of my domain.  Confidence was the key.  It wasn't till we got to the steps that took us down to the water that i started to giggle, then i roared with laughter, bending over and clutching the hand-rail in hysterics.  I was laughing so hard, the others on the deck probably figured i was having some sort of fit.

I had a great swim.

Above:  the t-shirt I wore in place of my swim shorts

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