Friday, March 25, 2016

And what's your stripper name?

Hi there

I worked out my stripper name the other day.  I took a previous pet cat's name and the name of a street I used to live in.  Then I joined the two together.   Wait for it -

Treacle St. Aubyn


My goodness, that is such a brilliant name I (almost) wish I'd known it when I left school.  A new career was so open to me.  I wouldn't have had to wearily trudge from classroom to typing pool.  The name alone would have ensured me fame in the stripping world.

Yeah, yeah, don't you, my four or five readers, look so horrified.  I've seen the movie "Gypsy";  I know what a stripper does.  She sashays onto the stage in a ball-gown, lowers one shoulder strap just a tad for a peeky-boo, then throws a glove into the audience.  Natalie Wood, as stripper Gypsy Rose Lee hid behind a huge ostrich feather fan.  Treacle could have done that.  With ease.

I'm not that coordinated when it comes to dance moves but, hey, I can certainly strut with the best of them.  I'm way beyond positive that Treacle St. Aubyn would have been the best stripper.   Ever.


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