Friday, March 11, 2016

Rocky horror Show Richard O'Brien

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Not many people, outside of New Zealand, know that Richard O'Brien, creator of the Rocky Horror Show and star (RiffRaff) of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, is living in New Zealand.

Okay, he was born in England but he moved to Hamilton at a very young age and it was attending the midnight sessions at his local picture theatre that inspired him to write Rocky Horror.

He lived overseas for a long time and recently, as a pensioner, wanted to return and live here.  The Government refused him entry - Richard had not bragged about his status when he applied -  because they figured that as a pensioner he wouldnt have the funds to support himself and thus would be a drain on the New Zealand health and tax system.

HA!  He's a multi-millionaire.  Rocky Horror is always playing in theatres somewhere throughout the world.

There is even a Weta-sculptured  statue of him in full RiffRaff clobber right  in the centre of Hamilton!

Of course, because of the publicity and public outrage, Richard was allowed into the country!

Everyone likes to go back to their roots.


Here's Richard O'Brien and his statue:

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