Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Flu Jab

Hi there

A few days' ago, with Winter beckoning,  I visited the nurse at the Miramar Medical Centre.  Time for my flu jab.

Poof, flu jab?  A flu jab is nothing compared to the dentist.  I can take a flu jab, easy-peasy. 

And I did, with no probs.

I went to Hataitai Beach 2 hours later.  There was a little ache in my left arm, but nothing to worry me.

... until I got stung by a bee on the same arm!

"Yoww!!!"   I'm so ashamed to admit I hollered. I leapt up from where I'd been sitting on the deck, swept the bee off my arm, and commenced to dance around yelling about a wasp.

My swimming friend, J, peered at the body.  "It's a bee," she proclaimed.

I wanted sympathy, not an insect biology lesson.

I pulled the bee's stinger from my arm and yelled, "Vinegar, quick!"

J was beside me in a trice, a vinegar phial in hand.

Yes, we're prepared.  For stingray and jellyfish attacks.  Did vinegar work, too, for bee stings?  Who cared, we were doing .... something!

I rang the Medical Centre nurse, just in case a flu jab didn't exactly mesh with a bee sting, but everything seems to be okay.

I have the utmost faith in vinegar.  Someone in the medical profession would no doubt say (smugly?),  "Well, as long as you think it's doing good ...".

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