Saturday, April 2, 2016

Was this an aura?

Hi there

I think one time I maybe saw an aura?  An aura?  Poof, who believes in auras, right?  I certainly didn't.

I was eating with friends in a hotel restaurant when a restaurant hostess (I presumed) walked into the room.  She had a black shivery fringe totally around her (like a wavy ribbon or the fringe around the bottom of an old-fashioned lampshade but it stood out from her body by about 3 or 4 inches).  It encased her completely as she walked, meandering it's way around the hem of her skirt, and also it followed the in and out curves of her legs and arms.    She opened the kitchen door and disappeared from my sight.  I rubbed my eyes frantically.  Was I seeing things?   Noone else in the restaurant had a shivery black fringe around them.

The kitchen door opened.  The woman came out again, still surrounded by the black fringe.  she walked  across the restaurant and out the door.

Had I seen an aura?  I don't know.  Years later, a friend suggested she might have been a ghost.  Another friend said that I should have approached the woman as she might have been in a depressed mood and needed help.

In family folklore, my great grand-mother was referred to as a "witch".  She went up and down New Zealand telling fortunes to sheep shearing gangs, and the like.

I wonder, do I have some sort of  ability in a ... spiritual field?  Gosh...

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