Sunday, May 1, 2016


Hi there

When I was working, I never bothered about listening or viewing weather forecasts.  No amount of good or bad forecasts were going to change the fact that I had to go to work.  Sun, rain, gales, storms, I slogged it into the CBD for an 8 am start.

But now that I am retired, I watch and listen to the weather forecast as if my life depended on it.  I power walk, hike, cycle, holiday, and swim, all dependent on the weather.

I have been known to listen almost hourly on the radio for the weather , watch many channels, one after the other to be assured I have the best forecast going.  My swimming friend, J, is fond of ten day forecasts.  They're always wrong!

We are now over a month into Autumn, and the weather is pretty good.  I passed a bushy-shrub thing yesterday, bursting with Autumn berries.  It was overhanging from a garden into a reserve.  I worried so much about children eating these berries.  I was told when I was a child never to touch red berries.

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