Tuesday, May 17, 2016

New Technology

Hi there

I'd like to talk about new technology ...  no, wait, I don't know a thing about new technology, so I better talk about not-so-new technology.

I can't even handle not-so-new technology....

I bought a couple of landline phones last month, unboxed them, plugged them in ... and couldn't get them going.  The instruction book is obviously aimed at 6 year olds;  I wish I could catch up to their learning capabilities.  I couldn't even programme (program?) in the date and time which was point A on page 1 of the instruction book. The phones are back to sitting in the box they came in.  What's next for me?  Shady Pines Rest Home?

I saw a commercial on tv for a new car.  It has a digital screen with all sorts of icons on it.  Have I missed out on the fact that nowadays a certificate from NASA is a necessary requirement when out driving, rather than a kiwi license?

Today I have sent for My Computer Guy.  My computer problem will, of course,  end up being fixed by just the press of a button, and My Computer Guy's bill will be extremely high.  Sigh.  If I won Lotto, I would definitely hire a live-in Windows 10 expert.

Or ... I guess I could go rob a bank for extra funds, but that's only if I could figure out how to circumvent  hidden cameras, trip alarms, invisible light beams , DNA samples,  eyeball scanners, and secret codes...

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