Saturday, May 7, 2016

Watching Weight

Hi there

Today, I started dieting (again, yes, yes, again, again, again!!!). It won't be a diet as such, more a cut-down.  I'll try to cut down on potatoes and bread, and definitely Pepsi Max.

Yeah, I know I've tried to get off Pepsi before, and I've always gone back to it.  If I can just survive those first three weeks without Pepsi, I know it will get easier.

What with cutting down on food and Pepsi,  it's going to be hard.  Today, only three hours into my diet, I snapped at my swimming friend, J.  Gosh, J, I am soooo sorry.  It's a good thing, J, that you are a warm, gentle, loving and forgiving person!

I was away at Ohope Beach all last week.  About 22c the whole time, and no rain.  The sea was like Wellington's sea in the summer. Quite warm. Here's a pic of Port Ohope:

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