Monday, May 9, 2016

My stupid diet

Hi there

I've only been on My Stupid Diet for a couple of days but my grumpiness has jumped up several notches.

Today I snapped at the dental receptionist and the hygienist.  I raged about dental prices.  I don't know whether I was emitting the wrath and, perhaps, reincarnation of some long-dead feared warlord but the dental people actually reduced my bill.  Were they quaking in fear of me?  Probably not.  Most likely, they wanted me quickly out of the surgery before I turned the waiting patients into rebels-against-the-system.

My swimming friend, J, keeps wanting to feed me a Snickers Bar.  She's positive the Snickers Bar will turn me from an angry gremlin back into my sweet adorable self.

Chocolate?  I'm dieting, darn it!

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