Monday, June 6, 2016


Hi there

I was getting a meal ready and realised I didn't have any eggs, butter, or milk.

I am so grateful that I live just a short walk away from the Miramar supermarket.  I was there and back within fifteen minutes.

It got me thinking about New Zealand's pioneer days, 150-plus years ago.  If I had lived then, I would have had to milk my cow, churn my butter, and wait for my hens to lay.  And not to forget washing my clothes in the copper, nursing the baby, keeping an eye on the other half-a-dozen kids, baking my daily bread, pumping out my water in the backyard, and finding time to lie back and think of England as I serviced my husband ...


It's so good to know that someone else has an issue with dentists.  Thanks, Joanna for your comment.

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