Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Hataitai Beach Closed

Hi there

What?   Haitatai Beach closed?  Not that I realised it at the time because today I was flying solo, and in too much of a hurry to notice much at all

I shot out of my car, ran into the changing shed, changed,  and shot out again, and into the water.  Mmmm, lovely and crispy cool.  

Back home again to find out from J that there were huge notices at Hataitai Beach saying no swimming because of unidentified pollution!  Neither she nor The Young One had ventured into the Hataitai Beach water.

Again... what?  I hadn't seen any huge notices.  There weren't any notices there yesterday.

It seems some kind of nearby sewage pipe in the road had broke and leaked into the sea.  The water will be test sampled for the next three days, and it could take up to two weeks for the beach to get clearance.

We winter swimmers - me, J, The Young One, and, to a lesser degree, Thong Man - are trying for, hopefully, a couple of swims a week this winter. We are fully aware that neither time nor weather will be on our side.

I really hope the Hataitai Beach water pollution hasn't affected me in some  terrible mutation sort of way.  I don't want a rash, or a deadly disease.  Or to turn into a zombie.

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