Thursday, June 23, 2016

How to stand out at lunch -

Hi There

Recently, I went to a group lunch with 10 other women.

I wore a DUX medallion on a chain around my neck; it had been my father's medal. I was also sporting some dangly glittery half-moon ear-rings.

Several people asked to see the medallion close up.  And with all eyes upon me. I reached to pull the chain up and over my face.

... and both sides of that chain caught on my ear-rings!

There was a bit of a titter from my audience as I  did the untangling: it took some time.  I attempted to lift the chain up from my neck again.  And again.  And yet again.  And each time that stupid chain got hooked up on my ear-rings. My audience was in hysterics.

Embarrassment much?  Yes.  It's so difficult for one to act with ladylike aplomb when sitting in a posh teashop with a chain dangling across one's face and a gold medallion seemingly permanently hooked over one's nose.

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