Monday, June 20, 2016

Mid-Winter Swim, Hataitai Beach, 2016

Hi there

It's 21 June here in New Zealand, and our little polar bear group went for our official mid-winter swim today.  We've actually done over a  dozen swims so far this month.  It didn't help that the sky was dull and grey, and I really felt the cold when we got out from the water.  One of our summer swimmers, a guy, rolled up just as we three - myself, J, and The Young One - were leaving the beach.  So we stood on the deck and cheered his entry into the water.  He ducked under the cold sea and came up with a holler of a naughty word that must have been heard kms away.

Above: photo taken by I'd personal paparazzo

Courtesy of my swimming friend, J, we all got certifcates to commemorate the occasion!

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