Saturday, August 27, 2016

Swimming at Hataitai Beach

Hi there

So far, I'm 12 swims down for this month at Hataitai Beach.  And today my swimming friend J, The Young One, Thong Man, and myself were all in swimming.

When we three ladies got out from the water we plastered ourselves against the outside changing shed wall to get the heat from the boards!  Then - wait for it - we popped in the water for a second little swim, this time without our lightweight t-shirts that we wear on really cold days.

Recently J and her personal paparazzo were staying in a motel.  J's personal paparazzo told the motel manager that J swam in the winter.  "In the sea," he added.

"They call them polar bears," said the motel manager.

"They call them a few other things as well," J's personal paparazzo said dryly.

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