Thursday, August 4, 2016

Those songs that play with your head!

Hi there

And what about those songs that you just cannot get out of your head?  You might hear a tune over breakfast radio and for the rest of the day that piece of music is with you.  Annoyingly with you.  Rolling around in your head.  Sometimes for several days.  Maybe for years.

When I first started work as a teen, a friend in the typing pool would always sing or hum "Stupid Cupid" when she was stressed or annoyed (V, I think you'll be reading this?). We others in the room always knew to steer clear of her at these times, otherwise we would be indoctrinated, too.

Another friend often has in her head a Russian tune that she learnt years ago.   After a couple of minutes in the sea, my swimming mate, J, tends to frequently break out into "... the nearest thing to heaven".

Me?  I only have to hear a snippet of the chorus of "We're All In This Together" from the movie and stage show "High School Musical", and I can't get rid of it from my mind for hours.  And hours.  And hours -

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