Saturday, August 20, 2016

Unwrapping Packaging

Hi there

Surely I can't be the only person in the country who has trouble pulling a spanking new toothbrush out of it's plastic and cardboard packaging?   I wrench, pull, cut, push, and after annoying minutes that I'll never get back again, finally get the toothbrush out through a small hole that squashes the bristles, and makes the toothbrush look like it's been dragged through a bush backwards.

I had a book delivered yesterday.  In a cardboard box.  Attacking with my fingernails, I first went for the top seam of the box, and I broke a fingernail.   Then I went for a side seam.

I got out the scissors.  I jabbed, tore, plunged those scissors at random all around the box.  By this time I was puffing like a tea kettle.  This was a workout in itself.

By manually ripping, and tearing, and crushing, and bashing, I finally got the box open enough to wrangle out the book.

At which stage, I read the small label on the outside of the box telling me that it had "certified frustration-free packaging".  And there was a line of arrows to pull to enable me to be less frustrated.

I was ever-so frustrated ...

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