Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I like "The Chase"

Hi there

I like watching a good quiz show on television, especially the British show, "The Chase". 

I sit in front of the tv waiting for the question.  The question is "Name the Yeti who lives on the second highest peak of Mt Everest?" -

And the three choices come up:  A.  Fred.   B.  Sam.   C.  Joe.

I'm jumping up and down, out of  my seat screaming, "Fred!  Fred!  It's A.  Fred!"

The contestant chooses "B.  Sam".

"You idiot!  Idiot!"  I'm in hysterics over the thickness of this contestant.   "Stupid-Stupid person!  It's A. Fred.  Fred-Fred-Fred!!!"

Bradley, the host, tells us that the answer is ... "C.  Joe."

Myself and the contestant, we both hang our heads in shame ...

And I see there is now an extra 'Chaser' added to the British team:

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