Saturday, October 8, 2016

Appointments with the medical professions

Hi there

Oh dear, it has just hit home to me that older people are rarely ever not at the dentist, the eye people, or the ear place. We spend a fortune on them.  Tsk, tsk.

I have just been told that if the new eye drops I have been given (last ditch attempt to fix the problem) do not work before my next appointment on 11 November then I will have to immediately give up driving. For the rest of my life!

Grrrrhh.  My booked summer South Island road trip is in complete jeopardy.   All my future-years' summer road trips are in jeopardy.  Just driving to the nearby suburb of Kilbirnie is in jeopardy.

If  I'm told I won't be able to drive, well, that's it then;  I'll put on a brave face.

However, I'm admitting to you, my four beloved readers, that I'm a wee bit frightened.

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