Monday, October 24, 2016

Swimming, Hataitai Beach

Hi there

My friend J, and I were swimming. There was a lovely high tide, the sea was glass-like and flat, the sun was out, and it was warm.  We'd completed our widths across the bay, and were now having a happy frolic in the ocean.  A cavort, if you will. The fun reward at the end of a hard slog!

I thought I felt some raindrops.  Not that it mattered because we were enjoying ourselves so much.  But as my four readers may remember my friend J becomes a copycat Irish Rover at the first sign of a splish or a splash.

She burst into song -

"... through the driving rain, those unicorns were hiding.
They were playing' silly games
Kickin' and a-splashin'
While the rain was a-pouring-"

.. and both J and I burst out at the top of our lungs, "OH THOSE SILLY UNICORNS!!!"

Guess who were the two most embarrassed swimmers as we got out of the water.  Did I truly hear clapping and a shout of "Encore!"?  We have to remember that with summer now just around the corner, we might no longer have an isolated beach ...

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