Monday, January 9, 2017

Cashless Society

Hi there

Yesterday, in a shop, I  paid for a purchase with real honest-to-goodness money.  I handed over a $20 bill.   A guy, leaning on the counter and chatting to the assistant loudly announced, "I didn't think there was anybody left in the world who paid cash."

This wounded me, especially after reading an article just the day before that stated if one is saving up, that cash is the way to go.  I am, of course, saving up for My Big South Island Road Trip.

But aside from the saving-up angle, I felt this guy, this stranger, had no right to comment on my behaviour. I could have retaliated by saying he had a big nose (he didn't), or snootily declare that i could afford to pay cash. But I didn't say anything.  I walked out of the shop.

I suppose he upset me because maybe ... perhaps ... he was right, insinuating I was a dinosaur in this almost cashless society that we live in?   I'll have to give this subject a great deal of thinking ..

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