Friday, January 13, 2017

JELLYFISH, sigh...

Hi there

The last few days there have been loads of jellyfish in the water at Hataitai Beach.  Big spotted jellyfish, many with long loose streamer tendrils and orange crab-like 'legs'.  The body so much bigger than a dinner plate.

I took a tiny little dip or two in the water  (it was sooooo hot), swimming amongst them, and keeping a wary eye out.  But as I  got to see more and more jellyfish swirling around me, I gave up and exited (fast) for the shore.

There was one persistent jellyfish that appeared to change direction and make a diagonal drift towards me. Huh?  How embarrassing to be 'chased' out of the water by a jellyfish!  I read today that the movement by a swimmer somehow notifies a jellyfish's senses and they can end up moving in the swimmer's direction.

I don't know if I will go to the beach for the next few days.

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