Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Home Again!

Hi there

I got back home yesterday afternoon.  What a tiring time.  Driving my hire car through so many lonely twisty gorges  and passes...  From Queenstown to Lake Tekapo I hardly saw another car.  I had been so scared that I would meet up with a tired international tourist driving on the wrong side of the road.

 There were terrible bush fires in Christchurch and I had to pass near them.  So sad for the people living in the vicinity.

 For four days, i was so scared about being in a strange car and having to be alert every second.  But the car seats were so gorgeously comfortable, I wanted to buy a new car, same model, the minute I got home.
At home, I discovered that I can't access the net on my main computer, I cant fill my blog with witty anecdotes or fantastic photos (not that I know how to tell witty anecdotes and most of the photos I take are hopeless).

So, here I am, one-fingering on my Kindle Fire. Sorry.

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