Saturday, February 4, 2017


Hi there

I've reached Queenstown on My Great South Island Road Trip.  I am sitting in a (Mc)Cafe and I have just finished two (two!!) Large caramel sundaes.  I am so tired and hot that I just wanted to jump into the sundaes.  I have walked along the Queenstown-Frankton track in 26c heat.  It was terrible walking the last ten minutes up a hill road - I was at the end of my tether, thirsty, grumpy, hot, worn out.

Talking about cafes, do my four readers remember when we used to get great ice cream sundaes?  Like a peach Melba or a Banana Split?  They seemed to have disappeared.  Take up too much time to make, I guess. In Las Vegas, at Gordon Ramsay's pub I had a knickerbocker glory.   I've never ever seen one in New Zealand.

View from my Queenstown rented holiday home:

Above: taken on the Queenstown-Frankton track.  That's the Hilton Hotel far right.  It's hard to take pictures with my Kindle Fire when, because of the sun, I cant see the screen.

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